Doubles Vendors

Help TriniBerry build this list of doubles vendors. Please try to give as complete information as is possible. Use the example entry below as a guide for the format of the details required. Click the "Add Doubles Vendor" button to begin.

For location information, please include the street name, any landmarks and times and any desciption of the vendor tent/box/times. Contact numbers are very useful for when persons need to find a doubles vendor to cater for events/parties/ etc.

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Location ? (e.g. Port of Spain) St. Augustine
Breakfast ? (yes/no/unsure) Yes
Lunch Time ? (yes/no/unsure) No
Dinner Time ? (yes/no/unsure) No
Vendor Name (if any) Frank's
Contact Number (if any)
Street Address and landmarks (e.g. Eastern Main Road, near Junction)
use google maps if unsure.
Cor Evans St. & Agostini Street, Empty lot behind UWI Doubles
Vendor ID 11